About Us

Genet Steel a Private firm. The promoters have been heavily involved in the Stainless Steel sector for over twenty years in three countries Gulf experience as technical advisor. (Genet Steel) was created as a for-profit social enterprise to empower the manufacturer community. The mission to empower manufacturer Stainless Steel Pipes are highly durable and especially pipes can be bent up to a certain degree for giving shape as per particular requirement. (Genet Steel) have about Zero Emission & Zero Pollution.

The firm has proposed to establish a one-stop stainless steel solution at. Stainless steel permanently opens new applications with its versatile use and almost unlimited benefits. It is meeting increased demands on environmental sustainability. Today, stainless steel is an indispensable part of many industrial sectors such as Water management, Food processing, Aerospace, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Fertilizer, Medical pharmaceutical & Domestic use technology.

Director Message

The promoters developed a Manufacturer is capable of offering full solutions supplying complete lines of stainless-steel pipe & Stainless-Steel tube making which are suitable to give a final finished product which meets the most stringent standards. We provide various grades of stainless steel. W Forming System in roll design for better edge-forming & freedom from wrinkle adverse t/d ratio. The round pipe, but also square pipe, rectangle pipe, oval pipe and other irregular pipe as well. Our stainless-steel pipe is easy to use.

Director : Mr. Abdul Qadir